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The most common reason for why Mannington may label a particular flooring product as "Factory Seconds" or "Off-Goods" is the presence of Natural Character Markings in the Hardwood's Surface such as small knots, streaking, and color/grain variation. Other imperfections are less common, and make up only a small fraction of the imperfections. These less-likely imperfections include unfilled knots, slight milling imperfections and slight finish imperfections

It is important to realize that only a very small portion of this flooring is labeled as factory seconds due to milling and finishing imperfections, and that the most noticeable imperfection is simply more naturally occuring character in the hardwood itself than would be found in the comparable 1st Quality product. We have recommended only a 10% waste factor for these Cabin Grade products for years, and have never had a case where a customer needed more than 10% overage to complete a job.

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